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Subasha Demolition is proud to provide high quality excavation services for all the commercial and residential space in the area of Point Cook. Having over ten years of experience and being a family owned and operated business we are equipped with proficient troop of earthmoving contractors and excavation contractors. Moreover modern methods and advanced machineries are been utilized to deliver a qualitative and timely fashioned service, which includes the following job roles:

Having mentioned all the above services there are few  attribute upon which our site cleanup contractors concentrate РSafety & Hygiene, As before starting the work all the pre-requisites are been taken care of such as availing permission & insurance, and checking gas, water & phone lines as well as electrical cables. No matter how complex may be the task whether it be a hard base foundation or a narrow space our tight access excavation specialist performs them very smoothly and efficiently. Whereas our experienced professionals also are well versed with cutting and installing windows as the whole area is been researched and the basement cut is been executed considering a proper methodology following the below mentioned working pattern:

  • Operator training to squeeze the diggers within 850 mm access.
  • Adheres local rules for safety & waste disposal for performing the excavation.

Connect with us today at: 0400-347-730/  subashaexcavations@hotmail.com