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Bulk earthworks (removal or addition of large quantity of soil/rock from one area to another area) are used to prepare specific construction site with suitable height and level. It is performed either by excavating a ground area of particular site or by constructing a new area (adding earth-based materials to a certain location.)

Bulk earthworks are done to reuse maximum excavated materials to prevent both the costly collection and the delivery of waste material or extra earth materials. We use graders, rollers, dump trucks, bulldozers, dragline excavators, shovels, hydraulic excavators, diggers, backhoes, and loaders to shift large quantities of material. It is needed for a wide range of infrastructure/construction projects such as roads, berms, mines, highways, railways, causeways, levees, dams, canals, trenches, residential and commercial buildings.

We are Melton based earthmoving contractor and landscape construction services provider also expand to the Melbourne region, including SunshinePoint Cook, Williamstown, Yarraville, Essendon, Sunbury, Thomastown, Craigieburn, Diamond CreekCaulfield.

We provide a wide range of Earthmoving Services including bulk earthworks & general excavations, site clearing & preparation, residential demolition & pool removal, site clean ups & rubbish removal, quarry direct sands & gravel and rock breaking.

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We also do following job

  • Site cleans and back fills
  • Post holes and retaining walls
  • Footing and slab preps
  • Soil and rubbish removal
  • Garden and yard clean-ups

  • Driveways and drainage
  • Dam creations and swimming pool digs
  • Tree and stump removals