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We at Subasha demolition and excavation offer our demolition clients turnkey service across Thomastown so that there’s no additional worries once we begin the process. We’re licensed, bonded and insured, so you know you’re in good hands. As Our goal is to make your demolition and excavation experience painless, efficient and economical and thus our building demolition contractors handle all of the paperwork, pre-work, which includes obtaining the proper demolition permits, analyzing the below mentioned elements

  • Lead contaminants,
  • Conducting the asbestos survey,
  • Verifying rodent extermination and

We are proud to perform all of the work ourselves as we don’t leave the site without cleaning up the waste whether it be a commercial demolition project or a residential demolition service been executed. We do waste disposal, garden waste removals in Thomastown. Keeping in mind our clients and customer’s budgetary set up our cheap demolition contractor offers cost advantage as our prices are affordable no matter how big or small the task may be. And we are able to deliver such kind of efficient and reliable services because of these top four reasons:

  • Proud History- Holds ten years of enormous experience in the demolition sector
  • Specialized equipment-carries right equipment at the right size for your site
  • Hazardous materials-having reserved experience and equipment these materials are been safely removed
  • Minimal disruptions- we take care of surroundings while executing a demolition process