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Subasha Demolition and Excavation company is a reliable and affordable source for all your demolition needs shielding its presence in Balwyn. We provide you with a professional in your area to handle everything from junk removal to large scale industrial demolition. Our experienced team of building demolition contractors has an enviable society records which is due to making safety number one priority at all times , and being insured and bonded under the demolition authority we offer residential demolition services and commercial demolition serving responsibilities which includes:

  • 24×7 emergency service
  • Site preparation
  • Project management
  • Hazardous materials

Being equipped with a team of skilled professionals and holding on to the attribute of innovation all of our cheap demolition contractor go through a stringent screening process to ensure our clients and customer receive the best possible demolition and excavation services at affordable prices which consists:

  • Appropriate licenses are in place to perform work in your area
  • Authorized security permit